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What's the rationale for declaring some physically mature people too young to have children?

Given that nature has dictated that both male and female humans can procreate in their early teens and given that morality is deduced from reality, why would sex and procreation at that young age be immoral? Isn't that what nature intended? More generally, is there a a rational basis for moral judgments about the proper age of procreation? Or is it purely subjective?

Joel , 31.03.2013, 11:18
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DianaHsieh, 04.04.2013, 14:17
The original question was:

Since humans are capable of reproduction in their early teens, why would conception at that age be immoral?

Law of identity. The universe, nature has dictated that both male and female can procreate in their early teens Morality being that which is deduced to reality, why would early parenthood be immoral? Nature intended procreation at a young age for humans?

I'm dropping context here intentionally. The context being that of practicality.. Yes, it's not practical to have a child at the age of 13. Was it ever?

As a secondary question- Since civilized man has evolved and the need to procreate to further the species has diminished over centuries, doesn't the age of procreation become subjective?

I ask these questions as I continue to think through some of the gay marriage discussion points.

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