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What is the difference between familiarity and intimacy?

In a recent Facebook post, you wrote: "Lately, I've been thinking about the difference between mere familiarity with another person and the intimacy of a deep connection. By familiarity, I mean that each person knows what the other is up to, how they spend their days, what their concerns are, how they're likely to act, etc. In contrast, the intimacy of a deep connection requires openness, vulnerability, visibility, total trust, generosity with the self, accessibility, etc. (Intimacy often involves familiarity, but not necessarily.) Obviously, I'm thinking here of the psychological aspects of a relationship, although I think that the distinction works for physical and sexual aspects too, if they exist." Can you say more about this difference? How does it impact a person's psychology and various relationships?

Anonymous , 28.07.2015, 13:00
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