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How can I counter the effects of ghosting in dating?

Ghosting is when one person disappears from a relationship -- suddenly cutting off all contact -- without rhyme or reason or explanation of any kind. How does that affect the ghoster and the ghostee? Personally, when I go on dates, it does not matter how well they go. Even if I get my date’s number at the end of the night (if I didn’t already have it), my default assumption is that I will never hear from them again even if I try to contact them. Even if there are second and third dates, I still carry the expectation that I will be ghosted. Currently, being ghosted does not have as much of an emotional impact as it used to for me, but I think that's because I expect it now (which is, unfortunately, justified). When I don't receive a call or text after a 24 hour period, I consider myself ghosted and move on...but I find that that window is getting smaller. How can I psychologically arm myself against the damage of this increasingly prevalent practice while not simultaneously shutting down my ability to be emotionally vulnerable and open to new relationships? What should ghosters be doing instead of just disappearing?

Daniel Golliher , 13.07.2015, 23:12
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