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Should I respond to an "Earth Hour" company email?

Every year my company's HR department sends out an email telling us to turn everything off and share stories about "the amazing things... (we)... get up to... saving the planet." I feel like I should respond -- to at least offer an alternative viewpoint. Silence seems like tacit endorsement. (After all, what kind of heretic would question this moral enlightenment?!?) These emails annoy me because we're a computer software company. Everything we do relies on energy -- consistent, reliable energy. Plus, there's hypocrisy on multiple levels: you're asked to turn your lights off for one hour. Try a week. Better yet, turn off your fridge/freezer for a few days and watch the abundance of life grow! Plus, while being asked to print less to reduce our footprint, our HR person has just returned from a world trip. We're a 100 person company. I'm not sure if this email is company policy or just an arbitrary HR effort. I've heard that it is better to register a polite disavowal rather than surrender a value in silence. But I'm concerned that an emailed response to the same company distribution group would strike a sour note. So is it moral cowardice to stay silent, or is it common sense? What should I prioritize -- smooth relationships with co-workers or the politicized pseudo-science of environmentalism? Or do I have other options?

Jonathan , 24.03.2015, 21:24
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Patrick, 25.03.2015, 13:40
I think a respectful response would be appropriate.
If you don't want to respond in an email which would easily identify you, maybe an anonymous note would be more appropriate. This way your point of view would be heard and others with the same view might step forward as well to back up your stance. I'm fairly sure you aren't the only one in 100 people who has a differing opinion.

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