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How should the police respond to people resisting arrest?

Recently, Michael Brown in Ferguson and Eric Garner in New York City have made headlines because they were killed by police officers who, many feel, used excessive force during their respective encounters. While the two cases were quite different, they did have one thing in common. In both cases, the officers were compelled to use force which resulted in lethal injury when the men, Brown and Garner respectively, resisted arrest. Brown attacked officer Wilson and then ran away, refusing to stop until Wilson chased him down. Garner refused to be arrested. Is there a more objective way to deal with an arrest in a free society? Since, in a free society, the government has a monopoly over the use of force, does that mean that the police are allowed to use brutal force when a suspect refuses to comply with the officer's demands, regardless of the charges against the person in question?

Sajid Anjum , 04.12.2014, 13:18
Idea status: completed


Terry , 09.06.2015, 13:42
1.Decriminalize non-violent victimless crimes
2.Increase ' Community Policing' , modeled after Special Forces strategy
3. Wait for backup, if possible, to establish a 'show of force'
3. Use only the force necessary to subdue the perpetrators

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