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What's wrong with thinking about the virtues as duties?

My parents taught me ethics in terms of "duties." So being honest and just was a duty, along with "sharing" and "selflessness." They were simply "the right way to be," period. Now, I tend to think of the Objectivist virtues -- rationality, productiveness, honesty, justice, independence, integrity, and pride -- as duties. I have a duty to myself to act in these ways. Is that right or is that a mistake?

Anonymous , 26.06.2013, 06:58
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Tjitze de Boer, 26.06.2013, 14:20
The thing is a Duty isn't something you've thought about and chosen to do.
A duty is an unchosen thing that's imposed on you.

If duty is accepted as something valid, whoever most loudly shouts at what your duty is will win out.

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