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Is studying philosophy in academia a waste?

I have a strong interest in Objectivism, and I'd like to learn more about philosophy. However, my experience taking philosophy classes has been horrible. I'd like a class in which (1) I can trust the professor's objectivity enough to enjoy a lecture, (2) I can agree with the professor's analysis of a particular topic, and (3) the class and material is taught in an integrated, logical fashion. I've not found any of that. When I've mentioned my interest in Ayn Rand, I've gotten comments like "Well, I think she's someone to be outgrown." Do you know of any schools with good philosophy departments? How should I approach studying philosophy in academia? How could I make the best of what's offered?

Daniel Golliher , 18.06.2013, 16:57
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WayneMV, 19.06.2013, 02:49
Philosophy is mostly about understanding HOW ideas can properly be challenged and defended. It's only secondarily about learning which particular ideas are now or were once popular.

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