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Could unwilling people be compelled to govern?

Imagine a situation in which no-one -- not a single person -- wants to work for the government. This would create a state of anarchy by default because government requires people to govern. Since the existence of a government is necessary for the protection of individual rights via the subordination of society to objective moral law, would compelling some people to govern be necessary and proper?

Adam , 14.06.2013, 04:46
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Michael Hardy, 18.06.2013, 21:20
The laws of England do not allow the monarch (who is the head of state but not the head of government) to abdicate. When Edward VII abdicated in 1936, a special act of Parliament that applied only to him permitted it.

Notice that people are now ordered to serve on juries. If no one wanted to serve and no one were compelled, what would happen?
Doug H., 21.06.2013, 20:56
Who would be doing the compelling if no one wants to participate?

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