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How can parents and teachers effectively oppose calls for "service" in schools?

Today, more schools have "community service" requirements for graduation or promote "service learning" opportunities for students. The teachers and parents who support these initiatives are often well-intentioned: their motive seems to be benevolence towards other people. They aren't aware of the origin of these ideas (i.e. altruism), not what is entailed when practiced consistently. The effect these initiatives have is to smuggle in a seed of altruism which leaves many students who accept these ideas defenseless later in life when later called on to "serve the greater good" or to "act selflessly." Personally, I've struggled to help people see the true nature of what they're advocating. Often, they regard any opposition to these programs as due to a lack of desire to help other people in any way. They seem to think that either you value and help every human life or you don't care about others at all. How can I help the more thoughtful people understand this issue? Might these programs be changed for the better in some way?

Anonymous , 07.06.2013, 11:10
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