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Should I use a pen name for a novel to conceal my sex?

I'm an unrecognized author of a soon-to-be self-published young adult novella - my first. This novella will be published under my real name. In order to keep my interest in writing fresh, plus practice writing strong female characters, I've begun brainstorming a new project in the category of, shall we say, 'women's fiction.' The problem is that I am male. Within the genre of women's fiction and it's sub-genres, the overwhelming majority of writers names are female. Therefore, if I were to publish something within this genre, my initial preference is to go with a pseudonym. On the one hand, giving a name other than my own seems dishonest -- and possibly even impractical, given that my identity wouldn't be a state secret. On the other hand, using my own name would surely impact my sales for the worse. To see a man's name on the cover would turn off some potential buyers immediately. In these circumstances, is the use of a pen name right or wrong?

Geoff O'Brien , 07.04.2013, 22:19
Idea status: under consideration


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