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Would the government of a free society employ scientists?

In a fully free society, would there be any scientists employed full time by the government for police, legislative, or judicial services? If not, how would judges obtain the necessary scientific knowledge to make proper rulings in the court cases that would replace today's environmental and other regulations? Might scientists be hired by the government of a free society for the military or other purposes?

markcoldren, 03.04.2013, 19:35
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markcoldren, 04.04.2013, 13:58
I'm pretty sure the "other purposes" would be for the military. I'm specifically curious about scientific knowledge for regulation replacements. But feel free to comment on military scientists as well.
JaneRisher, 23.06.2013, 20:19
What about the NIH? Should the government support medical science through the NIH and NSF??

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