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Is taking antidepressants and other prescribed drugs for mental problems a form of evasion?

I'm new to the philosophy of Objectivism, and I've seen that it's rapidly helping cure the last parts of a depression I went through last year. I started taking Adderal about 8 months ago, and it has helped extensively. But I wonder: Is taking these drugs or other antidepressants conflicting with the principle that a person should never evade reality?

ObjectoSean , 20.03.2013, 20:03
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Katarina, 25.03.2013, 06:07
Starting with basic facts: the brain is a physical organ. As such , it is subject to imbalances, malfunctions, infections, injury, defects, etc, just like any other organ. When such things happen, medication or other treatment may be needed to get it to work right.

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