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Is it wrong to write essays I don't believe to win contest money?

I am a current university student with severe financial limitations. I’ve found that one of my best assets is my knack for writing a solid, persuasive essay. Recently, I’ve come across a trove of very generous scholarship essay contests. I feel confident that I could write a solid essay for most of them. The problem is that the majority are funded by organizations whose values I don’t support. Specifically, the essays I’d have to write argue in favor of social and political policies with which I disagree. Would it be moral for me to enter these writing competitions? If I did, would I just be demonstrating my writing ability -- or misleading the sponsor into thinking that I agree with what I've written?

Halina Reed , 18.02.2013, 18:05
Idea status: completed


Tjitze de Boer, 27.02.2013, 08:07
I'll give you a dollar If you write an essay on why this is a bad idea.

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