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Can a feminist be an advocate of individual rights?

Many feminists today are leftists, if not Marxists. Is another kind of feminism possible, where individual rights are recognized and upheld? More broadly, should a rational person want to be a feminist? What would such rational feminism look like?

Robert , 10.02.2013, 17:43
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Adam Jensen, 09.10.2014, 13:48
I think of Feminism as very close to Libertarianism. Both "isms" are a collection of floating conclusions, specifically without justifications.

The most charitable interpretation of Libertarianism is the theory that people should not initiate force. The most charitable interpretation of Feminism is the theory that a person's sex should not affect your judgement of that individual (in the same way that race should not).

Given the above interpretations, Objectivists are "inadvertent" libertarians and feminists. Assuming the prior interpretations, and leaving aside the bad ideas that many Libertarians or Feminists espouse, it provides no new information to say 'I am an Objectivist Feminist' or 'I am a Libertarian Objectivist.'

However, it is completely irrational to expect an movement like feminism or libertarianism to be successful when they provide _no justification_, or are agnostic as to how feminism or libertarianism is justified.

In conclusion "rational feminism" and "rational libertarianism" look exactly like objectivism. Aside, this poses an interesting branding problem because frequently when you say "feminism is silly" people get the idea that you are a misogynist. Just ask my ex.

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