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Is atheism just another form of religion?

I often hear that religious people that atheism is just another form of religion -- and just as much based on faith as Christianity and the like. Is that right or wrong?

Anonymous , 27.12.2012, 20:12
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Tjitze de Boer, 29.12.2012, 11:52
Not exactly the same topic but Paul McKeever has a great article about if self identifying with a term that only says what you're not.

He says that saying you're an atheist is like saying that you're not a zebra and also with the implication that you somehow "lack" a believe that you're a zebra.
Generally I prefer the term secular, that it also includes deists and the like is more of a boon then a burden in my opinion.
If you believe that only the natural exits the term naturalist maybe more conclusive as it would also exclude those practicing ancestor worship and the like.
Tjitze de Boer, 10.01.2013, 03:09
On topic:
If one takes a religion to be a codified set of believes taken on faith neither Atheism nor Theism in themselves qualify.
Take deists for example, they believe a god exist but would probably deny being religious.

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