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Should Objectivism be applied to new fields?

Advocates of Ayn Rand's philosophy of Objectivism claim that the philosophy is not changeable or expandable, meaning that is it what Ayn Rand made it. Yet they claim that the philosophy can be applied to new philosophical issues (such as induction) or other disciplines (such as educational theory) -- and that scattered or brief comments (such as on the virtues) can be fleshed out. Is that approach likely to be profitable? Why or why not?

Anonymous , 30.11.2012, 21:40
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MrChirpsky, 01.12.2012, 10:36
Qua philosophical system Objectivism is the philosophy of Ayn Rand and only her published writings can be considered part of that system proper. This, however, does not preclude applying it to *other* fields, provided one does so consistently - maintaining the integrity of the underlying principles, and giving credit for the ideas being applied. To a certain extent, this can even be done in philosophy itself provided one has the proper credentials and skills (e.g., with Dr. Leonard Peikoff's DIM Hypothesis - in which he makes the clear distinction between his ideas and those of Ms. Rand). Such applications, however well they follow from Objectivism, may never be called Objectivism proper, for the above reasons. But rational application, then, is not only possible but very much encouraged (just as improper, irrational or dishonest applications (e.g., by "libertarians") is criticized or denounced). My personal goal is to apply the principles to my fields of linguistics & musicology (as well as DIM).


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