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Will Obama's second term further damage American culture and values?

I'm not as worried about the tax hikes, foreign policy, and other concrete policies of Obama's second term as I am about the cultural change that his administration will instill in society over the next four years, just as it did over the last four years. The next generation of liberals -- college age kids, that is -- are little socialists who repeat the phrases like "social justice" and "fair share." Is such cultural change a genuine problem? If so, what can be done to combat it?

Anonymous , 30.11.2012, 21:31
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MrChirpsky, 01.12.2012, 15:42
The answer is a resounding "Yes!" Obama is this country's first openly egalitarian president (in the new DIM terminology, a D2). Clinton was an Hegelian D1 pragmatist (as was George Bush, Sr.), while the last George Bush was an M2 fundamentalist.

BTW, the "concrete policies" you mentioned as not being "worried about" are the only means by which existing cultural changes may be finally manifested or instilled. None of his ideas are original or new but have been percolating up from Harvard since 1971 (see real-life Toohey John Rawls' "A Theory of Justice").

To combat irrationally suicidal ideas (e.g., egalitarianism or cultural relativism) simply promote rational alternatives by appealing to the better natures of most Americans that you truly care about (e.g., friends or family).

And thank-you for your question!

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