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What is the relationship between Objectivism and libertarianism?

Some libertarians -- and some Objectivists, including John Allison -- claim that Objectivism's politics is a type of libertarianism. Is that true? What is the essence is libertarianism? Should Objectivists ally themselves with libertarians, such as via the Cato Institute, now under John Allison's leadership? Why or why not?

Matt Jones , 28.11.2012, 19:55
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MrChirpsky, 01.12.2012, 16:28
What distinguishes libertarianism as a political ideology is it's fundamental emphasis on "less government" rather than, or as their ad hoc definition of "good government". So I refer to it as libertarian-anarchism, for the minute you stop advocating for "less government" (as your definition of better government) and the privatization of force, you stop being a libertarian.

As radicals for individual rights & capitalism, Objectivists advocate not "less government" but "good government" -as big and with enough mechanisms of voluntary funding necessary to successfully carry out the enormous job of safeguarding the rights of every individual citizen against force or fraud (at home or abroad) through judicial redress &/or the retaliatory functions of the police & military.

So when politicians speak, I picture them armed and in uniform: which helps to distinguish the gangsters from the principled men & women of honor & justice.

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