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Will Obama usher in dangerous cultural change in America?

With another four years of Obama in office, I'm not too worried about the coming tax hike, war decisions, and so on. Rather, I'm worried about the cultural changes that the Obama administration will instill in society over the next four years, as it did in the past four years. Today's college-age liberals -- our next generation -- are little socialists who repeat the phrases of "social justice" and "fair share." Am I right to be worried?

Anonymous , 14.11.2012, 20:45
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LESLIE TROY, 19.11.2012, 15:36
I agree with your concern, although it's not just the current admin but the education system that for a long time under both parties has been pushing altruism.
Janette Buchanan, 23.11.2012, 19:38
Yes, You are right to worry about the change coming to America. The reason Obama won is there are not enough of us left, (45 years up) that remember yesterday and what it means to work for what you get or have. My son knows what it means to work in order to achieve anything of material value, yet some of his friends are the start of the new generation that feels it is owed to them.
OWED to them?
As much as I love my grand kids, they know they have to work but they stride for the material things. Parents wish to achieve a better life for their kids than they themselves have had. This is true with every generation. I see the younger kids getting lazy, younger kids just had to have a bigger, best house, better than mom and dad's and guess what, they could not pay. It will be the same.
The younger kids, that out number us, feel they should, no they feel they are intitled to the better things in life.
Yes, that would be nice, but you have to work for it. And they feel it should be given to them.
Robert Nelson, 01.12.2012, 06:32
The damage to which you refer accelerated dramatically when the "Great Society" stealthily inspired the abdication of responsibility and accountability. This was the tipping point that made the election of Obama possible in the first place. In the last 4 years we have seen a decay in individuals' self-determination at a blinding pace. The only conceivable end-state is forced servitude of American people to a class of elite demagogues.

Obama's intent is unknown to the majority of Americans because they do not have the background to grasp its inevitable outcome -- that outcome being to create a dependent population that is subjugated to an elite class who dictate their actions and quality of life and length of life (see: Obamacare [sic]). The goal is to anchor the power and interests of the elite without risk of future contest. America has the natural resources that can be stripped allowing that condition to outlive most people alive today, but in a third-world sense.

An interesting parallel is the oil rich countries in the Middle East -- those that have oil have been led by manarchs or dictators, while most without oil had approximate democratic structures, at least before the Arab Spring. Oil money was centrally controlled by despots and dispensed to the population in various forms to reinforce dependency on the strictly defined ruling class.

At this point it appears that combating the change is only possible after a catastrophic collapse and reemergence of courage that created this country in the first place. We are seeing this approximate pattern in Europe as portrayed by the "Fatal Cycle" often attributed to Lord Woodhouselee. Romney was right when he observed that the larger proportion of Americans were already dependent to some level and would not vote for econoomic sustainability, cultural fitness or social accountability.

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