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What kind of work can a government properly delegate to private entities?

A government enforcement agency might decline to to pursue a criminal case for various reasons, such as lack of resources or the triviality of the crime. In other cases, a private individual or business might be better suited than the government to pursue the case. In such circumstances, could the government to empower a private entity to gain temporary, limited permission to investigate the crime and/or enact retaliatory force -- under strict rules of conduct for that private entity? Similarly, suppose that some dictatorship was not a threat to a fully free America. Could a group of non-active soldiers and others request or receive permission to privately raise funds and overthrow the regime and replace it with a rights-respecting government -- or at least stop genocide and other heinous crimes? In other words, which legitimate government functions could be contracted to private entities and which would have to be performed by government agents?

shlevy, 15.04.2012, 10:36
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