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Is it moral to circumvent crony capitalism by purchasing drugs abroad?

In 2006, the FDA begin banning pharmaceuticals that have been in use for decades, and sometime, centuries. For instance, the use of Quinine for nocturnal leg cramps is banned and only a prescription version is now available. The FDA is also taking generally available medications, banning their use, and then, in return for "clinical trials" handing patent monopoly status to certain pharmaceutical companies. As a result, prices have increased one hundred fold in some cases. (See http://www.redlinepharmacy.com/blog/1953-price-of-preterm-labor-drug-skyrockets-now-that-it-is-fda-approved.html ) I am currently on a medication that is being subjected to this process. My original medication increased 10 fold so I switched to another that was not yet subjected to this FDA process; it now is and has increased in price by 5 fold. There is, at present, no federal law that bans individuals from contacting Canadian pharmacies and getting their medications from them at about half the expense of the FDA monopoly price. Is this a violation of intellectual property rights given that the companies in question have indulged in rent-seeking to get their monopoly patent status?

c andrew , 11.02.2012, 13:44
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