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Should I participate in "mixed bag" projects that might clash with my values?

Some time ago, I was asked by my school to consider taking part in an "ethics" commission, which was supposed to outline whether and how "ethics" might be introduced to the curriculum. It was either going to be a separate class, or, more likely, weaved into the others, as the "ethical aspects" of various subjects. This whole idea seems very suspect to me. I worry that "ethics" will be become a floating concept of self-sacrifice, self-restraint etc. and that the attempt to introduce it will only serve to confuse the minds of students, and reinforce in them a moral-practical dichotomy. Now, if I were on that commission, I might have been able to steer the project in a better direction, though how much I do not know. On the other hand, I worry about sanctioning such a project, and about what good I can realistically do (or perhaps even damage by misrepresenting proper ethics). In the end, I decided it was not worth my time and effort. Would you have chosen differently? And how is one to think about such situations, where does one draw the line between mixed bags worthy of support vs. not?

Fabian Bollinger , 22.11.2011, 07:32
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