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Should I support Mitt Romney for US President?

What's the proper evaluation of his principles and record on the budget, health care, national defense, immigration, the drug war, abortion, and gay marriage? Does Romney deserve the vote of advocates of individual rights in the primary or the...
DianaHsieh, 04.12.2011, 21:57
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What is the value of competition?

You recently competed in your first three-phase event on your horse. Why did you bother to do that? How did that affect your mindset and training? What did you learn from the experience? More broadly, what is the value of such competition?...
Anonymous, 12.08.2013, 07:59
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Do I have a moral obligation to stay at my current company?

I am actively looking for a new job at a new company, but my current company has a position that would fit my skills and goals. For various reasons, I would prefer to work for a new company. If I got a new job at my current company, would I be...
Smedley Whiplash, 21.09.2014, 08:04
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When is delegation in a marriage irresponsible or unwise?

There are some parts of normal adult life that I'm really bad at, in part due to social anxiety. Examples include calling or meeting with companies (airlines, banks, etc) to make changes, writing emails that involve stress or conflict, scheduling...
Sarah, 24.06.2015, 20:11
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Is the lack of racial and sexual diversity in the workplace a problem?

Lately, there have been a lot of discussions about the lack of diversity in the tech industry. I have been asked to fill out surveys indicating my gender and race, which I politely refuse to complete. I don't see how my sex or the color of my skin...
J.P. Cummins, 30.07.2015, 13:13
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Should I cheat the system to get my job back?

For my main source of income, I work as a virtual call center agent through a freelance company that hires people as independent contractors rather than employees. I don't love the job, but the flexibility it provides is vital to my way of life...
Donut Man, 15.09.2015, 16:06

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